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Spanish-speaking kindergarteners make up the vast majority of kindergarteners who are English Language Learners in Oregon. Resources are available to help educators make decisions about appropriate assessment of English Language Learners.


As additional years of data are collected, the assessment will be adjusted to make improvements in the assessment itself as well as the collection and presentation of data. The Kindergarten Assessment will provide invaluable information about: Teachers can use this data to help guide instruction at the beginning of the school year.

Will teachers receive student level datashortly after completion of the assessment. Childrencurrentlyenter kindergarten having had a wide variety of early childhood experiences.

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For example, in Malheur County, assessment data were used as a call to action to strengthen partnerships between early learning providers and elementary schools to ensure that children enter kindergarten with the skills they need to be successful.

The Workgroup also contracted with early childhood researchers to ensure that assessments were age-appropriate, valid, and reliable.

What do the initial sets of assessment data tell us. This is the first time social-emotional skills have been assessed statewide. It also gives schools additional information that can inform how they invest their limited resources in students. InOregon launched a new annual statewide Kindergarten Assessment, replacing the kindergarten survey that was suspended in The Kindergarten Assessment has raised awareness of early childhood learning and development and the connection to later learning.

An interpretive panel made up of educators and researchers reviewed the results of the first year of the assessment and recommended a number of adjustments.

Kindergarten Ready

What is the current state of early learning. Is the assessment consistent with accepted views of preschool curriculum. The self-regulation and interpersonal skills are measured through a survey based on teacher observation of the student during regular classroom activities and routines.

How does this assessment help address inequities in our community. The Kindergarten Assessmentsheds light on these differences and allows us to better target resources for families and children where they are most needed. The measures of self-regulation and interpersonal skills revealed that significant numbers of children are arriving without some of the basic social-emotional resources needed for success in school.

The allocation of additional resources and support is intended to help close the opportunity gaps that exist between communities. The Kindergarten Assessment is not a pass or fail test of kids or of families; it is a tool for determining how Oregon is doing as a state in supporting children and families before they enter school.

In the fall of each year, educator swill gather information about the early literacy and early math skills, as well as interpersonal and self-regulation skills, of their students. What does the assessment measure?. Find this Pin and more on Kindergarten Assessment & Evaluation by Marti Anderson.

Kindergarten Writing Rubric- Could have kids use this for self assessment to decide what level they are at and what they need to do to get to the next level!

They can SEE if they need spaces, ending marks, to hear more sounds in words, more detailed pics. [email protected] Kimberly Davis () Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards (birth to kindergarten entry) are the basis for the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment.

The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment is used to assess four areas of early learning. Kindergarten Curriculum and Assessment Resources NOTE: Links only work in Internet Explorer.

You must be on the Kyrene network or logged into VPN to access these files. Each domain measured by the Kindergarten Assessment (early literacy, early math, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills) can be found in Oregon’s Early Learning Standards.

These are the same standards that are used in Head Start classrooms and many preschools across the state. Andrell Education Ltd Raising Standards in Education.

SHARE ; HTML ; DOWNLOAD ; Save this PDF as: WORD PNG Kindergarten. VA English Standards of Learning Related to Spelling Kindergarten K.4 The student will identify, say, segment, and blend various units of speech sounds.

Writing Assessment Focuses The I Can statements link to the. criterion scale, writing assessment, new curriculum, Ros Wilson/5(18).

Andrell education standards for writing assessment kindergarten
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